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Some of the bigger considerations, such as budget, and getting one or more musicians to show up, are fairly obvious. But there are other factors -- important ones -- that people sometimes overlook. Here, 10 tips to help you put together a great show from inception to encore, starting with the most important thing to keep in mind when planning this type of event: These things take time, and often lots of it, to get it right.
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When you're looking for an event that's a real crowd-pleaser, it's tough to go wrong with music. It spans cultures, ages and tastes, and you've got a lot of options in terms of event size, style and budget.
Basically, if you've got a crowd, or you hope to, music is a pretty sure bet.
Not that it's the easiest type of event to coordinate. A concert can come with multiple elements to coordinate and endless possibilities to plan ahead for. But with some research, forethought and attention to detail, anyone can pull it off.

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