I Believe in Angels

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art are delighted to announce that the new terminal of Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg will become home to four sculptures from the “I Believe in Angels” series, Erarta Galleries’ collaborative project with Russian artist Dmitry Shorin.

The sculptures of girls with airplane wings behind their backs can be viewed as a realization of the dream about human flight. This concept engrossed Leonardo Da Vinci and those belonging to the Futurism movement in the early 20th century, while in present times it was bravely explored by Felix Baumgartner.

The wings on the sculptures are completely consistent with the structure of an aircraft, while the proportion of their length in relation to the height of the female heroines is exactly equal to that between the sizes of actual aircraft wings versus the length of the fuselage.

“It’s wonderful to see that an important landmark of St. Petersburg has embraced contemporary art as an important part of its daily life. We hope that all passengers passing through Pulkovo will appreciate the steps the airport has taken to make their journey not only safe and functional but also memorable and beautiful” — said Polina Zakharova, Erarta’s St. Petersburg Gallery Director.

“There is a worldwide trend of modern airports acquiring art objects. In America, there's even a saying — if you want to look at contemporary art, buy a ticket and head to the airport. We have always wanted to decorate our new terminal with works of art and from the very outset aimed at contemporary sculptures and paintings, especially by artists hailing from St. Petersburg and we're delighted that we achieved our objective. Pulkovo must always scale new heights and our collaboration with Erarta Museum is just beginning” — said Dmitry Rudenko, the Director of Development for Pulkovo Airport.

Overall, the “I Believe in Angels” project series is comprised of twelve sculptures. Several of them have been showcased at various renowned art venues, such as the Palais Royal for the Art Paris contemporary art fair and the Palazzo Bembo as part of the Venice Biennale. Three works from the series are currently on exhibit at Erarta’s galleries in New York, London and Zurich.

The project to incorporate the sculptures into the interiors of Pulkovo’s new terminal was developed by the Erarta Design division, which specializes in decorating public spaces with contemporary art.

The opening of Pulkovo’s new terminal is scheduled for December 4th.

Airport access for filming and photography and interviews with Dmitry Shorin may be arranged upon request.

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