Changes to temporary exhibitions hours

Dear guests! Please note that are changes to the temporary exhibition halls hours from 12 to 14 october.

6 October 10:49

From 12 to 14 October the 2nd floor of the New Museum Wing will be closed. Don’t miss the wonderful collection of nostalgic images of the late Soviet era by Yuri Abramochkin. The exhibition “History in moments. Our Days” will run until 23 October. 

From 13 to 14 October the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the Exhibition Wing will be closed. Please plan your visit of the shows “Development zone. Ural Contemporary Art in Erarta” and the legendary “Genesis” by the world-famous photographer Sebastião Salgado for another dates. Only one floor out of three of the “Genesis” exhibition, that features over two hundred stunning photographs, selected from thousands of shots taken by the artist in the last eight years, will be available during these two days.

We apologize for the inconveniences!


But don’t forget that apart from the mentioned temporary exhibitions there is a lot to see in the rest of the museum! 

On 13 October Erarta will open a joint exhibition by two famous artists Latif Kazbekov and Nadezhda Nikolaeva.  The project “Paradigm” shows three-dimensional paintings in the unique author techniques with deep meanings and sincere personal experiences.

By the way, the permanent museum exhibition has been recently added with new great works and installation, and it's highly recommended to have a look at!


We'll open on April 26th with an updated format
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