Erarta Holiday Hours

We are open for you every day from May 1 to 10, except for Tuesday, May 2.

25 April 11:08

Dear friends, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Erarta Museum during the long May holidays!

We will be open for you every day from May 1 to 10, except for Tuesday, May 2. On Tuesday, May 9, the museum will work as usual from 10:00 to 22:00.

We hope you will have enough time to get acquainted with all our new shows.

On April 29 we have opened the sensational exhibition Undressed, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). The show tells the story of underwear design from the luxurious noble corsets of the 18th century to the modern fashion houses masterpieces.

The Time Capsule by the photographer and historian Andrey Strelnikov invites you to a fascinating walk around the abandoned buildings of St. Petersburg, and Supply of Darkness shows our life and everyday trifles through the prism of fine arts.

NOM. 30 years. Kings of St. Petersburg celebrates the anniversary of the legendary “Informal Youth Association”, and the project The Kaminkers. Sculptures for City, Village and Forest presents the works by two famous St. Petersburg sculptors — Dmitry and Daniil Kaminker.

If you have not yet visited the exhibition Best of West featuring the best photos by the Australian photographer Dean West, it's time to do it — the exhibition will run until May 21.

Erarta Stage has also prepared a number of great events: a concert by Universal Music Band, an experimental dance festival Open Your Mind, a concert by Masha Shumakova, and a plastic performance “Sea”.

We wish you great holidays and see you at Erarta!


The international publication remarked upon both the rich collection of the contemporary art and original museum projects
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