The festival of short plays called “Koroche!” (translated from Russian as “Quicker!”) is an original Erarta creation, during which any willing professional or amateur participants, both individuals and groups, have the ability to show a short play, no longer than 10 minutes running time, on stage at Erarta. There’s only one other requirement besides the timing — the play must be a finished product, i.e. with a developing plot line and a culmination that acts as a logical finale for the proceedings.

We believe that it’s a great outlet for creativity and self-expression for all those who aren’t able to produce full, large-scale theatrical plays. The festival exists from 2011 onwards and is held twice a year at Erarta — since its establishment, we’ve had over 300 applications and over 100 participants take the stage and it’s currently being expanded to other Russian cities, such as Vladivostok and Tomsk.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact event@erarta.com.

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