Erarta is glad to rent its spaces for private events — we have a large experience of hosting all kinds of them, ranging from business meetings and presentations to workshops, fashion shows and international conferences. If you're interested in staging corporate celebrations or business events at Erarta, you can select from the spaces of the temporary exhibition halls in the Exhibitions Wing, our meetings rooms and cinema halls and of course, rely on our Café or Erarta Restaurant to provide catering for your entire party. Erarta will provide all technical equipment and, if you would like our input, Erarta's team of experienced and creative staff can also always create special events and activities that will enhance your event programme (or even come up with a complete programme from scratch). If you’d like to learn more about special event programmes, please check out the “Events” section. For available spaces as well as their photos and floor plans, please see below and if you’re interested in renting them out, please contact or +7 812 334 32 37.

To rent a space for events, please contact:
+7 812 334 68 92
Russia, Saint Petersburg,
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