A grandiose project for the 15th anniversary of Vogue in Russia
October 16 — December 14

Solo exhibition by Maria Agureeva
November 28 — January 19
Exhibition under the project "Russia in Erarta"
December 5 — January 19
Exhibition by Lyudmila Lunts
November 28 — January 19
Restaurant at the Erarta building

ERARTA is the biggest global project in Russian contemporary art. Our mission is to maximize the audience, which is interested in and derives pleasure from contemporary art. Erarta loves art and believes that it can become an important part of everyone’s life, make it more interesting and happy. Each one of us can realize our inner creative potential, which effectively means everyone is an artist!


The Museum

Erarta Museum is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia. The art museum collection contains 2300 works created by more than 170 artists from over 20 regions of Russia. You can learn more about the collection, our artists and the contemporary art museum’s unique projects in the Museum section of the site, the schedule of exhibitions in the Calendar section, while everything you need to plan your visit (how to find us, opening hours, ticket prices etc.) can be found in the Visitors’ section.

The Galleries

Erarta Galleries are established in St. Petersburg, New York, London, Zurich and Hong Kong and are dedicated to promoting contemporary Russian art both domestically and on the international stage. Each contemporary art gallery in the international group stages exhibitions and offers clients the opportunity to buy works of over 150 Russian contemporary artists. If you’re interested in browsing works of Russian contemporary art for sale, you can do so on the galleries-only dedicated website,


Erarta programmes

Our creative projects, such as cartoon series, public celebrations and festivals popularize art by bringing it closer to people and, in turn, immersing them deeper in art and the creative process. The programmes are staged both at the Erarta building in St. Petersburg in an especially designed multi-functional concert hall, and outside our walls.

Erarta design

Interior design solutions by Erarta for residential and commercial properties as well as public spaces featuring contemporary works of art. Solutions can involve use of both original works of art, including the possibility of commissioning Erarta to design new ones together with Russian artists specifically to cater to particular client needs, and the use of reproductions of works from the museum collection, manufactured to required scale by Erarta Workshop.

Support the project

Erarta is a private project, financed by private funds. All profits acquired are reinvested back into the project, for example, towards supporting our Russian museum, and go towards promoting Russian contemporary art both domestically and abroad. A non-profit organization, Erarta Fund, has been especially established to aid such initiatives. Erarta gratefully accepts help from companies and individuals — you can find out more about the ways in which you can support the project here.
Thank you in advance!

27 November, 17:31
Dear friends! Please pay attention to the changes in working hours of the exhibition "The Fourth Dimension. Animation as a f...
26 November, 11:58
“Contemporary Russian Art”, an exhibition based on the Erarta museum collection, will open in Astana in February.
Museum news
25 November, 14:01
One of the halls of Erarta Café restaurant has been recently renovated. And now it is open and ready to impress you with a t...
Museum news
5 November, 13:40
The exhibition "Hmm..." at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art features both fashion and artistic searches of a renowned St. P...
23 October, 11:33
Dear guests! Please pay attention to the changes of Erarta operation hours during the school holidays.
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