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Erarta museum is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia and represents a compulsory part of any programme designed to explore the culture of St Petersburg or Russia.

The museum opened its doors on 30th of September 2010 and ever since that day, something interesting has always been happening within its walls. Erarta doesn't just stage exhibitions — besides being a museum of fine arts, it has also become a veritable cultural centre which hosts plays, concerts, film screenings, lectures, creative round tables and much much more.

The museum collection currently consists of 2,300 works of contemporary art created by more than 250 artists from over 20 regions of Russia, which makes it the biggest Russian art museum that focuses on contemporary art in the entire country. Erarta Museum continually adds to its collection, which contains painting, graphics, sculpture, objects, installations and other forms of art and works with artists living in different regions of Russia, representing various generations and trends. St Petersburg Museum activities also include temporary exhibitions, publication of catalogues, guided tours and educational programmes. On 30th June 2015, the collection of Erarta became digitally available via the Google Cultural Institute’s Art Project.

Erarta Museum is more than just a traditional fine art museum and is an innovative Russian museum of art, whose activities aren’t limited to the aforementioned ones as well as support of contemporary Russian art — it is also actively engaged in its own creative projects. Many unique projects were born within its walls and have gone on to be brought to life by working with artists, the public or anyone else that wishes to participate in the creative process — among those are "U-Space" total installations, "Theatre With no Actors" multimedia plays with characters of paintings, Audio Installations, "Art-Animation" and "Art-Literature". Erarta's projects aim to bring contemporary art closer to people, enabling everyone to find something of their own in it.


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Working hours: 10:00-22:00


20 June, 15:43
On June 18 in Erarta works the exhibition of the creative duet of Vladimir Nasedkin and Tatyana Badanina “Geometry of Light”...
20 June, 12:16
Erarta has recently opened an exhibition “Gap”. We publish photos report from t opening of the exhibition.
16 May, 10:26
Dear guests, please note that on May 17, Tuesday, Erarta Café restaurant will work from 12:00 until 16:00.

from 01.01.2014

New acquisitions
Museum exhibition
Museum exhibition

20.05.2016 — 17.07.2016

“Long Walk”. Nadezhda Everling
Museum exhibition


Museum exhibition
Museum exhibition


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