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We want to bring art closer to people and there’s a natural human desire to make art part of everyday life that can only be satisfied by buying the work one has come to love. In order to facilitate the harmonious presence of art in people’s lives and also as part of our efforts to promote Russian contemporary art, Erarta offers for sale both original works of art as well as their reproductions. All proceeds from Erarta’s commercial activities are reinvested back into the overall project and go towards supporting its non-profit constituent parts and Russian contemporary art as a whole. 

The commercial gallery offers works by more than 200 Russian artists for sale to clients and collectors. The sales are an integral mechanism of popularization of art, expansion of its geographical reach, all the while enabling Erarta to financially support living artists.

Erarta Design integrates contemporary works of art into residential, office and public spaces and takes orders for especially commissioned objects. Our clients include the Four Seasons hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Pulkovo Airport, Ginza Project restaurant group as well as numerous private residences and offices in Russia and abroad. 

Our online store, offers the opportunity to order a custom size print or gicleé of over 5000 works from Erarta’s electronic collection. A convenient search system makes it easy to pick something by theme, genre and various other criteria. There are further customizable options, such as additional manual touches by our artists for an enhanced finish. Prints and gicleés are not only stylish elements of interior décor but also make wonderful gifts and mementos of your time in Russia. 

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Erarta Museum of contemporary art 
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