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  • Paris
    02 July 2015
    Great work. What an inspiration painting..changed my mood and my thinking..Bravo!!
  • S.J.
    10 October 2014
    I loved the U-Space and could spend an entire day there!
  • Una
    10 September 2014
    Very cool friendly people and excellent atmosphere! Thank you!  
  • Finn Agger
    10 February 2014
    This museum is really worth seeing. There are many 'unpainted pictures' from the Soviet period. Very genuine, as contact with the international art community was fairly difficult for obvious reasons. So they painted what they felt, not how other artists could inspire them to. Some post-Soviet painters seem to go back to deeper roots (e.g. religion) without losing touch with modern life. The staff are very dedicated. They want this to be a success. And it is. So go there and prove them right
  • Robert F.
    10 January 2014
    Foreigners DON'T pay extra - pretty sure that's the only place in Russia. I wanted to say a huge thank you to Erarta Museum for being the only place in St. Petersburg (at least that I know of) which charges its domestic and foreign visitors the same admission price - 300 rubles. My friends and I always found it very annoying when buying tickets for all the other attractions that the slightest detection of a foreign accent leads to a triple price. So thank you, Erarta, for being so friendly to your Western visitors! I'm sure everyone else that comes through your doors will greatly appreciate that as well!
  • Tim Stanley
    10 January 2014
    In a city not exactly lacking in cultural attractions, Erarta has firmly established itself on the St Petersburg contemporary art scene as an innovative and exciting cultural institution with an exciting future. Billed as a contemporary art museum and gallery, Erarta goes out of its way to find and promote established local talent as well as little known contemporary artists from across Russia’s vast regional hinterland. The institution performs an equally compelling social mission for local and visiting arts communities. Children are enchanted by the vibrant colours and playful installations, visitors are delighted to discover such a lively, hitherto unknown art scene, and locals are happy to have a friendly and unpretentious new venue for theatre and cinema events and English-language evenings. Erarta lives up to the promise inherent in its name – the era of art has truly arrived.
  • Stephen
    10 January 2014
    Beautiful museum! Saint-Petersburg should be proud of this achievement!
  • David
    04 January 2014
    I know an awesome place we should go to” - I told this phrase to almost all my friends!

    First time I've been to Erarta 1 year ago on 14 of February ( speeddating, concert and so on). Since then I come here each month, sometimes more often. I even got a personal card! It's a place I want to come back. You know, I even miss it! The main thing is atmosphere. Come here once and you feel it. An amasing desire to know sth new, to socialise, to learn, to create. I was here lots of times on different events if not to count exhibitions and coffee time in cafe: concert, french animation, theatre play, English Evenings, U-Spaces. True to say that Erarta is not just a museum. It's much-much more. In several days I'll go there to see exhibition of wedding photographers, so we can possibly meet! ;)
  • C. Anders
    10 August 2013
    Wonderful exhibitions, very inspiring! Great Museum.
  • Francois
    05 July 2013
    Interesting and inspiring, was glad to discover the new generation of Russian artists.
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