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  • Pierre Bastien
    02 June 2014
    a french composer and musician
    “I really like the museum building. Apart from anything else it makes a very strong impression itself. I also really enjoyed the museum collection which includes a lot of talented works. I found the idea of ‘U-Spaces’ a great invention since each of them immerses you into an absolutely special atmosphere. I wish Erarta all possible success, even though, as far as I could understand, it already has enough. Erarta has a very interesting audience, varied and large. Good luck with the new building and hope that you’ll keep arranging further great exhibitions and events”.
  • Nikolay Burov
    02 September 2012
    St. Petersburg, director of the museum complex the State museum St Isaac’s Cathedral
    “Our age-old dream has come true. We’ve been discussing the need of the city museum of contemporary art for a long time. And now, finally, we have it. And it is a whole palace with a very decent location, since Vasilievsky Island is not really spoiled with museums. I wish Erarta great future development and intelligent and positive audience”.
  • Andre Laban
    27 May 2014
    engineer, artist, cameraman, photographer
    “I’ve had a solo exhibition of my paintings in Erarta, and I can say that the venue is perfectly equipped. Exhibition halls with such proper lighting is a rare luck. In general, the organization of the exhibition left only positive impressions since everybody was very polite and ready to cooperate, which also does not always happen. I wish Erarta to keep its high level and I hope in future to exhibit my works here again”.
  • Vladimir Volkov
    22 October 2014
    musician, composer, producer
    Even though we are more used to performing in various jazz clubs, we became frequent guests at Erarta. I enjoy both playing here and observing artworks by such familiar St. Petersburg artists, as Valery Lukka, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Felix Volosenkov.Each artist creates in accordance with his own inner world and thus introduces something new into painting or music. Erarta’s idea of arranging a festival under my name VOLKOV ManiFEST first was very surprising. But then I realized that it is a great opportunity to bring together those who I love and who I work with. So I’d like to thank Erarta for this great project and to thank everyone who made it here both as a viewer or a participant”.
  • Anton Adasinsky
    10 April 2015
    actor, choreographer, musician
    “Erarta is one of the rare places in Russia where you can find European service level, European atmosphere and vibrations. I am very glad about our cooperation with Erarta, we got the second base for the Derevo theatre here. The first is in Germany, another one is in Erarta. Presently we are preparing performance Islands”.
  • Galina Timchenko
    22 May 2015
    “I really like Erarta and it’s a shame that I haven’t come here before. I did not know that you have such a big building. Especially I was impressed by the artworks of Vyacheslav Mikhailov. The Russians are not prepared for contemporary art. Often spectators do not think about the spent force of artists and say something like ‘I can do that too!’ and it is a pity. I do not define contemporary and non-contemporary, there is only one criteria: it should have appeal and connection to the divine. The time of creation — 100 years ago or now — is not important at all”.
  • Charlie Le Mindu
    22 July 2015
    French designer and hair stylist
    “Erarta is an outstanding place. You come out of there with a great number of thoughts, and it is the mission of every museum, in a nutshell, to encourage the reflection. I was full of emotions in every exhibition hall of Erarta. I am trying to get the same effect in my art — the emergence of emotion inside spectator that will stay with him for a long time”.
  • Helen Marnie
    24 November 2015
    “I like contemporary art and try to follow it as much as possible. In a rainy day I am glad to go to Glasgow museums and watch new exhibitions. Erarta impresses even with its appearance, it is a large building, where something happens every day. Now I am looking forward to seeing all museum collection!”
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