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Erarta represents a compulsory part of any programme designed to explore the culture of St. Petersburg or Russia — since opening its doors in 2010, the museum has quickly established itself as a must-visit destination which offers foreign visitors a unique glimpse into today's Russia as a perfect balance to the usual programme of the city's ancient and classical landmarks.

Erarta is ranked in the top 10 sights of St. Petersburg on the world’s biggest travel portal, TripAdvisor and has also made the list of Travellers Choice Award Winners, ranked as the 8th best museum in Russia overall, while being the only modern or contemporary winner as well as the only private museum on the list. It has been named as a “top sight” and reviewed as a “stunning new museum by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide along with many other guide books, websites etc.

We have made special steps to welcome all guests, including large tourist groups and ensure that everyone's visit is memorable, interesting and enjoyable. Erarta is open every day except Tuesday fr om 10:00 till 22:00 so a visit can easily fit into the schedule, particularly in the evening time when most other city attractions are closed.

We offer several mutually beneficial options of cooperation to all tour operators and travel agents who sign relationship contracts with Erarta. We have developed several special programmes just for large tour groups which include guided tours of both educational and entertaining varieties (for example, quest and puzzle formats). State-of-the-art infrastructure, attentive service (all our staff speak English), a gallery wh ere visitors can purchase works and a wide variety of shops offering prints, giclees, souvenirs, books, fashion accessories. A restaurant with both a-la-carte and set tourist menus and a cafe with a summer terrace — all these things help ensure that every group will find something to enjoy within our walls. We approach every group individually and will work with you to pick a programme that would suit your clients best in order for them to appreciate both Erarta and your company's recommendation.
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