• painting workshops

    painting workshops

Look around, take everything in …and then get involved! We hope that spending time at Erarta fuels visitors' own inner creativity and potential and we're delighted to help them learn new skills and try their hand at art techniques. Workshops and master classes can be organized for any group size but please note that we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate your request due to the busy schedules of English-speaking workshop leaders — please contact us well in advance and we'll do our best.

Creating a giclee:

A gicleé is a reproduction of a painting, which involves a print copy on canvas being amalgamated with finishing touches of paints and lacquers in order to add texture. We use Elena Figurina’s “Icarus” as the base for this workshop — base colours and details keep the original artist creation in tact but our guests, armed with paintbrushes and oil can develop the original idea and add a little bit of their own to it, with the finished painting being a creative collaboration between the two

Pastel drawing:

Pastel is an infinity of shades, colour purity and a velvety texture all rolled into one. Under the guidance of our expert, guests taking part in the workshop will feel how pastel comes to life in their hands as the graceful outlines of Sergey Bakin’s “Two Dancers (At Rehearsal)” become more and more obvious
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