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Erarta Design will be delighted to decorate the interiors of your residential and commercial properties, as well as public spaces, including outdoor areas with correctly selected works of contemporary art. We have access to over 200 artists who work in a wide variety of techniques (painting, graphics, collage, sculpture, installation, video-art and others) and this outstanding variety enables us to always find an option which ideally suits the client. Depending on the client’s interior parameters and budget, the provided solution can involve both original works of contemporary art and reproductions, including application of images directly onto walls and ceilings (learn more in the “originals and reproductions” section). Special attention is devoted to requests commissioning Erarta to create new works of contemporary art together with artists especially for the interiors of the client (learn more in the “Erarta especially for your company” section).

All profits are reinvested back into the Erarta project and go towards its further development and support of contemporary Russian art both domestically and abroad. Each order placed with Erarta Design is a valuable contribution to that important goal.

originals and reproductions

Original works of contemporary art stress the high status of the interior and are also an investment, rather than an expense, as obtained works should be viewed as an asset. However, the uniqueness of original works and their fixed sizes place certain limitations on their use in large orders. As a result, we often encounter client needs of using a combination of both original works of art and reproductions — for instance, in decorating office buildings or hotels, originals are used in meetings rooms and large public areas, such as lobbies, while areas for company staff and guest rooms respectively are best suited to using print reproductions of paintings.

When decorating interiors with reproductions of works of contemporary art, Erarta Design uses the services of Erarta Workshop. The workshop utilizes unique Cruse scanners (also used in the Pentagon and the Vatican repository), which enable one to generate ultra-realistic digital images of the highest possible definition of original works, which can then be reproduced on various materials without the loss of quality even when enlarging the original image. The workshop can create print reproductions (printing of the original image on canvas or another medium) with all copyrights reserved and has also created another two options that are ideally suited to interior design.

The first is “Erarta gicleé” which involves professional artists adding manual finishing touches to manufactured prints with application of paints, dyes, gels, varnishes and other special materials. This technique allows one to add further dimension to the canvas surface, create live smears, enhance texture, simulate the ageing of a painting or create other special effects. The second is “Wall-Art” and involves transporting an image or a fragment of it onto a wall with use of printing techniques and manual finishing touches. The absence of any canvas boundaries in this art form and the possibility of magnifying the original image without loss of quality makes wall-art a unique design solution for any interior, which looks particularly striking in large spaces or those with complex configuration.

Erarta especially for your company

By special commission of large and corporate clients, Erarta can create individual projects which involve not only use of existing works of art but also design of new ones together with artists (taking into account aesthetic and technical requirements of the client in order to achieve specific company objectives) and their creation especially for the client’s interior by either Erarta Workshop or our partner manufacturing companies. Thus, Erarta Design can take care of the entire chain of the process, starting with idea generation and visualization (we always provide several versions of proposed design free of charge to our corporate clients) leading all the way to manufacturing and execution.

Such projects are carried out under the label “Erarta Especially For (client’s name)” and besides being creating completely unique design solutions, tailored specifically to the individual client, also provide unique PR angles for mass media and talking points for the company’s partners and clients. We will de delighted to discuss the possibility of creating such a project especially for your company — please contact us (our contact details can be found on the right-hand side of the page).