• u-space шапка общая
    total installations
  • u-space шапка общая
  • u-space шапка общая
15 min
fixed price for a group of maximum 5 people
please purchase a separate ticket at the reception counters 9 and 10

U-Space — total installations

U-Space is a total installation that immerses you into a particular world, aimed at experiencing particular feelings and emotions. Within a fifteen minutes session, the visitor experiences a different life, unique and personal depending on the specifics of his individual perception. Each total installation has its own theme, predetermining the spectrum of feelings, emotions and thoughts, emerging inside the U-Space that the viewer then transforms into his own personal experiences.

Visiting U-Spaces requires a separate ticket available through the museum’s ticket counters. The immersive installations are accessible from 10:30 to 21:30.

U-Space “Loading”
You can think about the fragility of our everyday life boundaries, and try to get beyond them
U-Space “Cherry Orchard”
the most positive U-Space with feelings of spring, happiness and tranquility (the most popular for nice photos)
U-Space “Childhood”
You’ll have a journey back to the past, when you were small and everything around was so much bigger
U-Space “Infinity”
to feel our belonging to the eternal and boundless possibilities
U-Space “What’s Left When Everything’s Gone”
the most philosophical U-Space, asking you to consider the inevitable passing of time and the feeling of loss (a path of a boy who wanted to become a soldier)
U-Space “Origins”
showcases true Russian roots and personal history by atmosphere of a traditional Russian wooden house
U-Space “My House — My Fortress?”
You can feel fragility of personal space based on memories of communal flats