• u-space cherry

    U-Space “Cherry Orchard”

floor 4, Museum Wing
10 min
fixed price for a group of maximum 5 people

In March, all of Japan marvels at cherry blossoms. There's something mystical in a huge cloud of tender petals which covers the earth every spring and turns daily routine into a fairytale. Legend has it, many years ago a poor old pauper who lived at the foot of mount Fuji, wanted to leave a mark in people's memories before he died but he didn't have anything, and he then decided to plant a thousand seedlings of cherry trees in the mountains. It was extremely tough — cold weather and droughts destroyed young plants but the old man did not give up and kept planting and looking after the trees. One glorious spring they all simultaneously broke into blossom and people were amazed by this beauty. The old man didn't see that spring but people, who did, were immersing in the soft pink cloud and coming to the belief that there is no death, and spring will last forever, and life is wonderful, and happiness will arrive, and all their dreams will come true.

This U-space is designed by Konstantin Polyakov.

Technical realization of the project by Konstantin Pakhotin.
Soundtrack — “Concert for piano and orchestra #21” Wolfgang Mozart.

visiting rules of the U-Space “Cherry Orchard”:

Please, wear shoe covers.

Do not step on the mirror part of the floor in case your shoes may scratch it.

All decorative interior elements are integral parts of the exposition. We kindly ask you not to destroy the compositional integrity and not to harm the objects.

We will appreciate if after your visit all the U-Space objects will stay in their original places and the installation will remain unchanged.

The room is equipped with a surveillance camera in order to prevent damage of the objects. In case of non-compliance with the visiting rules the administration reserves the right to stop the session.