Orquesta Primavera. Tango contemporary
21 July 2015, Tuesday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Russian tango stars Orquesta Primavera will present their new program "Tango contemporary" at Erarta Stage on July 21 at 20:00.


Argentina hasn’t changed much. Just as a half-century ago, Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet, Argentinean football is the best in the world and Argentinean president is the most beautiful state leader. The same happens with tango: as hundreds years ago, everybody knows how to dance it even though such things as “tango contemporary” take place too. 

And no matter how incredible it may seem, this summer, thirteen thousand kilometers far from Buenos Aires, in St. Petersburg Erarta Museum you’ll have a chance to experience it. The new program of one of the most famous Russian tango ensembles Orquesta Primavera is called simply “Tango Contemporary”.



  • Dmitry Olegovich — accordion
  • Victoria Misaylidi — violin
  • Gleb Kolyadin — Piano
  • Anton Glushkin — guitar
  • Alexander Kuznetsov — bass


* Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office.

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