“Harlekin”. “DEREVO” Theatre
2 December 2015 —  6 December 2015
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Erarta Stage

On 2 December Anton Adasinsky and “DEREVO” Theatre will present their “Harlekin” at Erarta Stage.


In the form field “Occupation” in the customs I've put “Harlekin”. The policeman asked me what it means. I answered: “this is what I'm doing already for many years in a theatre”. “You should write 'an Actor'”, said he. I apologized. He smiled.

Going away from his desk I was feeling his glare on my back. And I suddenly realised that I'm walking differently. Lighter, snappier... as if I was 300 years younger.

Anton Adasinsky

Idea, conception — Anton Adasinsky & "DEREVO"

Sound design — Daniel Williams

Light — Igor Fomin

Props — Andrey Bobylev

Costumes — Anna Frumson

Management — Anna Bogodist


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