Zhenya Lubich. Concert
12 April 2014, Saturday 04:00
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On 12 April, The Cosmonautics Day Erarta will host a "Russian Frenchwoman" Zhenya Lubich.

Zhenya Lubich succeeded in a French project “Nouvelle Vague” and thanks to that project became famous in Russia. She has traveled with the “Nouvelle Vague” troupe, performing in festivals and concerts around the world. She showed up and sang even in the legendary “Olympia” in Paris. Zhenya wrote a song “Morning flow” especially for DJ Stefan Pompougnac’s CD who is famous for “Hotel Costs” albums. Her song became one of the 20 best selling iTunes tracks. Zhenya constantly expands her world tours and visits more and more countries. In addition to Russian cities she performed in Alesund (Norway), Deauville (France), Helsinki (Finland) and many others places.

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