Plague. Multimedia Performance.
9 September 2015, Wednesday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On September 9, Wednesday, Erarta presents a multimedia performance questioning the dark sides of humanity or technology.


The story is based on the intertwining of two worlds: real and virtual. Nowadays virtual lives of many people are much more interesting and “real” (although it is not clear, where we actually live: inside or outside the network). Plague is a mental disease of the XXI century. Plague doesn’t mean the Internet, social networks or virtual technologies. Plague is indifference. In our age, people have forgotten about each other.

The performance is based on interactive communication of dancers and video projections.

Director — Natalya Polyakova

Choreographer — Alexey Salogub

Video artist — Maria Varahalina

Artist — Kamil Dayanov

Sound designer — Anna Kuznetsova

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