“Vnutrennee Sgoranie”. Concert
16 January 2014, Thursday 15:44
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On January 16 “Vnutrennee Sgoranie” — a musical band from Saint Petersburg is performing their new concert at Erarta.

“Vnutrennee Sgoranie” (eng. “Internal Combustion”) is a band from Saint Petersburg, which was founded in 2009. The members of the band have changed since that. They have released two albums and organized many concerts and shows. In August 2012 “Vnutrennee Sgoranie” released a new album “Resheto” with 12 tracks.

Dmitri Alexeev (bass, percussion) says: “The fact is that people are comparing the album with anything — from "Grazdanskaya Oborona" to "Kukryniksy" and from "Bauhaus" to "Sonic Youth". It is quite ok. Everyone tries to compare it with the music of their intellectual level and the music they know. Someone compares it with primitive music. Another one — with serious music. But as for the debut, it was a very good work. When we released "Resheto", we moved to the next level”.

Band members:

  • Anton Syrkin — lyrics, vocals, guitar
  • Timur Karimov — lyrics, vocals, guitar
  • Andrei Simonov — drums
  • Oleg “Berson” Baranov — sound
  • Kirill Rain — Management
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