Malinen feat. "Fedorov Orchestra"
19 April 2015, Sunday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Anton Malinen, the author of two home-recorded albums, will play his best songs together with "Fedorov Orchestra" at Erarta Stage.


Malinen is a young singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a sound producer from St. Petersburg. He started her musical career in 2012, and have received so far only positive reviews both from the critics and the most diverse audience.

His sound and creative approach to recording are absolutely new to Russia. His charm and charisma make him a welcome at any club and festival venues of St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Baltic countries.

Not counting the video from the studio Galernaya 20, it will be the first live performance of the band. In other words, everything that was ever created in the four walls of the studio and it was written by Anton, can soon be heard live accompanied by the great symphony orchestra Fedorov Orchestra.


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