Dmitry Gurovich (termenvox) & Jazz Friends. Concert
21 September 2014, Sunday 04:00
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A musician from St.-Petersburg Dmitry Gurovich plays the termenvox, a rare instrument that makes sound even with no touch. On September 21 Dmitry will perform at Erarta together with Jazz Friends band.

There are only a few musicians in the world who play the termenvox professionally. Dmitry Gurovich is one of them and he will give a joint concert at Erarta Museum together with another talented jazz musicians sharing his boundless love to music:

Stanislav Chigadaev (keyboards) — a young and talented pianist, who recently has become a bright figure of St.-Petersburg jazz scene.

Geraldo Lucio (vocals, percussion, guitar) — a Brazilian musician, singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, who has lived the most of his life in Europe. Over the past year he has been living in St. Petersburg, where he's given dozens of concerts and gained sincere love of the local audience.

Andrey Ivanov (drums) — one of the most famous and in-demand jazz drummers in St. Petersburg, a member of several jazz projects and Jenia Lubich band.

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