Gianni Gagliardi & The The New Reflection Concert
5 October 2013, Saturday 10:56
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Gianni Gagliardi, famous saxophonist, performs a new jazz program with the New Reflection, the convinced music experimenters, at Erarta.

Gianni Gagliardi, an American jazz-saxophonist with Italian-Spanish roots is one of the most famous musicians and a headliner of the modern New York jazz. This October he presents a new music program with a multinational project “The New Reflection”. The music of the multi-ethnic band sounds original and non-trivial. There are Korean guitarists Jo Min Ki and Seo and a drummer Dmitry Strelianny in the band. Its creators know the jazz traditions of the past but live in the present. Their music is an experiment that goes beyond the post-modern jazz era. That’s why the music sounds in a new way. The New Reflection is the music of the modern world. There are no borders, no more antagonists, and the distances between the continents are more conventional. It is jazz.

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