Arms and Sleepers (USA). Concert
30 May 2014, Friday 04:00
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On May 30 the leader of AAS Mirza Ramic will play a live-set of absolutely new tracks from the upcoming albums and the famous hits from the earlier released CDs.

This kind of music is difficult to attribute to a particular style. Meditative and melancholic, it originates from synthesized sounds and elegant live guitar solos, and recalls the early works of Aphex Twin, such sophisticated IDM projects as Boards of Canada or Telefon Tel Aviv, the atmospheric sound of post-rock and relaxing ambience.

Founded in 2006, AAS have released a series of albums which have received the highest critics and audience reviews. The band sometimes share the stage with such projects as Asobi Seksu, The Books, This Will Destroy You and another representatives of the world of blue and dreamy symphonies.

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