Alexey Aygi and Pierre Bastien. Concert
22 May 2014, Thursday 04:00
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Alexey Aygi and Pierre Bastien will give a concert within the ▲CROSS ART festival in Erarta on May 22.

A French musician and a composer Pierre Bastien will present his new program Playing with Dead. Together with the composer on stage will play his longtime collaborator Alex Aygi, one of the most interesting Russian musicians and, according to Pierre, the best partner for his magic orchestra, assembled from the meccano parts.

In Playing with Dead Bastien and Aygi play together with the videos of long gone musicians whose images are broadcasted on the screen above the stage. A violin from an ancient Egyptian orchestra gets replaced by anonymous Jamaican ritual music, and forgotten melodies from Parisian cabaret intertwine with the sound of young American jazz rhythm sections. 

“Resurrected” on the old 16mm film, the musicians of the past play together with Bastien and Aygi, creating new amazing music.
"Pierre Bastien is a real man-machine of the twentieth century" – the words by Pascal Comelade, who revealed Bastien to the public by inviting him to his  Bel Canto Orquesta in 1986. In fact, Bastien embodied the dream of any composer: he assembled mechanical orchestra - a hybrid of a classic orchestra and children's meccano.

Machinery creations of Bastien play the classical and non-classical instruments with the help of tiny electric motors, tirelessly and accurately reproducing complicated compositions.

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