Anya Tchaykovskaya. Concert
28 August 2014, Thursday 04:00
  • Слайдер для Anya Tchaykovskaya. Concert

Anya Tchaykovskaya became known and beloved after her performances at the festivals Usadba Jazz in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Jazz Koktebel, “DoDzh”, ZaJazz and many others, and also thanks her collaborations with such artists as Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Sergei Babkin, SunSay, Petr Nalich and Kuzma Skryabin.

For a long time Anna lived and performed in Ukraine. But now she is a genuine and even an honorary citizen and artist of St. Petersburg. In Erarta the singer will perform with local professional musicians, who would get together specifically for the museum show. The program is also going to be a museum one.

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