17 October 2014 — 19 October 2014
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Three days in a row Vladimir Volokov and his soul mates will be presenting great musical, scenic and other performances at Erarta.

Vladimir Volkov, a famous St. Petersburg musician and a composer, should have been already put in the list of national and even world heritage. He is fairly considered one of the best modern bass players on both sides of the ocean.

In his sound experiments Volkov explores completely different territories: plays early Baroque music, performs the hits of minimalism, makes sound tracks for films, and collaborates with theaters both as an invited musician and as an actor. Moreover, Vladimir Volkov has staged a few interesting theatre performances, where he acts as an author, an actor, a director and, of course, a sound artist.

So if you wish to meet an old school artist or a man from the Renaissance epoch, Vladimir Volkov is just the right person! 

The desire to gather heritage of this prominent artist at one place inspired ERARTA for organization of a whole festival dedicated to one person. This is how VOLKOV ManiFEST was born, and we sincerely hope for it will become an annual event.

Each day of the festival will feature specific topic and genre, presenting new  actors, directors, and musicians. The only person to be on stage for all three days needs no introduction.

Festival program:  

October, 17. Day of Baroque

Vladimir Volkov will host the soloists of Vladimir Shulyakovsky’s ensemble of the early Russian music with the program “Fantastic Italy, XVII Century”; the soloists of the Pocket Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nazar Kozhukhar, with their program “Harmonic Inspiration, Italy, XVIII century” and other possible participants. 

October, 18. Day of Theatre

You will see the following performances:

Aleatoric music” by Alisa Oleinik, Maxim Didenko and Pavel Semchenko; “Noah’s Cradle” by Paul Semchenko and Vladimir Volkov; and other surprises from festival special guests. 

October, 19. Day of Jazz

The last day of the festival is announced as the Day of Jazz, broadly defined. In fact, it is a day of all contemporary musical phenomena that one can imagine. Among the guests there are Sergey Starostin, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Anna Tchaikovskaya, Andrey Kondakov and many others.


You can choose the day that is more interesting for you personally. But something tells us that you will attend all three of them since it is the only way to truly appreciate the power and the talent of the artist, and get great emotional satisfaction. 

Three days of great music and talented performances on one stage.

All this is VOLKOV ManiFEST!

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