“All Fine”. The concert
29 August 2014, Friday 04:00
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"All Fine" is a dashingly making progress soul-funk band from St. Petersburg with great musicians and three lively female vocalists among them.

The project started with the initiative of Evgeniya Avdeeva, Tatyana Proshina and Alena Zanozina. The band was reshaping for a long period of time, and its musical profile has been gradually formed. "All Fine" were playing covers on the songs of their favorite musicians such as "The Brand New Heavies", Laura Vane, Joss Stone, Jill Scott and others. Their music is a mix of acid jazz, funk and soul. It captivates and inspires to dance, charges with pure energy. Unbelievable energetics, sensual vocals by beautiful female vocalists and arrangements that make you dance all together create an unforgettable sound. The band's repertoire consists of covers as well as of self-written songs in English and Russian.

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