“The Masloboevs' Quartet”. Concert
18 July 2014, Friday 04:00
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"The Masloboevs' Quartet" is a musical band from Irkutsk, which consists of Evgeny Masloboev, a multi-instrumentalist and the core of the band, and his daughter Anastasia Masloboeva, the leading singer and the band's soul.

Their music is polystylistic. It is an experiment of Russian folklore and free musical emotions.

The new project of Evgeny and Anastasia "The mushroom songs of Russian North" consists of mostly copyrighted material created in the process of musical experiments. In other words, it is an attempt to fix the small spiritual events and to resurrect our genetic memory through the sound media.

To read the "Mushroom songs" you will need to do some intellectual and spiritual work, you will have to be ready for a cultural dialogue, and which is more important, for a dialogue with yourself.

Here is what Evgeny says about his project: "Approximately six months ago, I was delving in the music encyclopedia and came across a short article mentioning personal songs, drunken songs and the amanita songs.

The article was about music of the Russian Far North.

This was very interesting and I began the search for the material. We found similar cultural phenomena in different cultures not only of the Far North region. As a result, we wrote s series of plays: Amanita muscaria, Amanita pantherina, Amanita regalis, Amanita gemmata, which we'll be recorded at the Leo Records studio in London, where we've already recorded five albums.

What can I say about our music? This music is for smart, sensitive and educated people. In a word, this music is not for everyone ..."

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  • Evgeny Masloboev — drums, waterset, shrabofon, Norwegian flutes, vocals;
  • Anastasia Masloboeva — vocals, dulcimer;
  • Yaaroslav Kurilo — Korg Wavedrum;
  • Anton Ryazanov — saxophone;
  • Vladimir Markov — Norwegian flutes, jaw harp.
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