“Lemonday”. The Concert
21 February 2014, Friday 04:00
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On February 21, "Lemonday", a musical band of two young ladies, will perform a concert at Erarta.

In 2009, they began to write songs and share them on "YouTube". They rented apartments in Saint Petersburg, where they composed music, playing synth and guitar. There the ladies wrote songs about some simple things such as bears and the Lord of the Apes. In 2010, Daniel Kholodkov, a drummer, joined the band. Daniel is mostly famous for playing in "Padla Bear Outfit". (By the way, people often compared Zhenya and Julia with that band at first). When Daniel joined them, they started to play absolutely different music, namely evil minimal rock. Then Anton Pokrovsky joined the band instead of Kholodkov. Thanks to Anton who is good at playing electronic drums, "Lemonday" changed the music genre again and started to play "cold" Minimal wave.

Anyway, the music of "Lemonday" is primarily a part of the total performance where every detail is very important. These details are some special concert outfits and web-cameras standing around the decorations in the style of the Soviet period. It is interesting to know that "Lemonday" has had no records or albums. They mostly made videos and played live music at the concerts. Thanks to their outfits and charisma, they look always different but stay themselves. Even when in 2013, people still believed that "Lemonday" were two girls with an acoustic guitar and plastic synthesizer as yet, it was not so. If you go to the concert, you will see!

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