Film screening: “Tom at the farm”. Director X. Dolan (Canada)
18 August 2014, Monday 04:00
  • Слайдер для Film screening: “Tom at the farm”. Director X. Dolan (Canada)

Tom is depressed after the death of his boyfriend. When he meets the mother of the deceased, he discovers that she didn't know about her son's sexual orientation and his relationships with tom.

Jury of the Venice International Film Festival marked its highly emotional, energetic and sensual atmosphere and the film director's outstanding ability to create specific psychological tension.

Interesting facts about the film:

  • The plot of "Tom at the Farm" is based on the play with the same name by Michel Marc Bouchard.
  • Dolan is the only one film director who does the editing, creates make ups and costumes for the actors and writes press–releases — all by himself.

The film's premiere on "2morrow Festival" in Moscow became the most hoped–for and discussed event in the whole history of the Festival. All tickets where bought three hours before the screening started. The additional show was organized, and it was also sold out.

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