“Who the F$&% Is Jackson Pollock?” film screening
12 December 2013, Thursday 12:05
  • Слайдер для “Who the F$&% Is Jackson Pollock?” film screening

On 12th of December Erarta will host a screening of “Who the F$&% Is Jackson Pollock?” film.

Director Harry Moses offers an insight into the art authentication process in America by documenting the remarkable tale of a seventy-three-year old former long haul trucker who was rebuffed by the art establishment after purchasing a Jackson Pollock painting for five dollars at a local thrift shop. When Teri Horton purchased a painting by one of the Twentieth Century's most respected abstract expressionist artists, she never suspected that she would find herself struggling against some of the most powerful figures in the world of art.

The film is shown in English with Russian subtitles.

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