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“Accordion Rock”. Premiere of Fedor Chistyakov’s new project
10 April 2015, Friday 03:00
  • Слайдер для “Accordion Rock”. Premiere of Fedor Chistyakov’s new project
Erarta Stage

On April 10 Fedor Chistyakov will present his new project “Accordion Rock” at Erarta

Fedor Chistyakov decided to appeal to the pure sound, go back to the good old days and “break the accordions”. One of the most original artists of the Russian rock scene, founder of “Nol” band, whose songs truly became Russian folklore once again decided to surprise the public. 

With the quartet of accordionists, Chistyakov decided to give a new interpretation of the world’s rock music. The result is furious energy of the music, even more furious energy of the musicians and absolutely unique, truly “national” accordion sound.


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