Deti Picasso. Motherland album release
29 October 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On 29 October, Thursday, Deti Picasso will present their freshly released album “Motherland” at Erarta.

Legendary etno-folk-rock band Deti Picasso, one of the most original collectives of the 2000s, is back to the Russian stage after emigration and five years of silence. The band’s 15th anniversary is being celebrated with a mysterious ethnic album. 

After moving to Budapest in 2007, the brother and sister Karen and Gaya Arutyunyan stopped previous musical practices in order to start exploring the bottomless Armenian folklore, drawing there new forces, ideas and inspirations. After a large-scale crowdfunding campaign in autumn 2014 the band got convinced that the Russian fans are eagerly waiting for the band and their new ethnic experiments. 

“Motherland” was recorded in one of the best Budapest studios, and after European premiers, is ready to be introduced to the St. Petersburg audience. The concert on October 29 will be a part of the band’s fifteenth anniversary celebrations (details are kept secret!).


In 2005, the new experiments with Armenian folklore made the band known outside Russia, and gave them opportunity to tour around major European festivals, settle in Budapest, release several albums and participate in multiple collaborations with such musicians as Alex Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Jason Webley, Erling Riibe Ramskjell (Schtimm) and Masfel. 

However, in 2010, the band announced sabbatical in order to return to the European, Russian and Armenian stages with new ideas, programme and line up in 2014! The main driving force of the team is still the brother and sister Karen and Gaya Arutyunyan, in 2014 they were joined by a great Russian origin harpist Nastya Razvalyaeva and a Hungarian drummer and violist Aaron Porteleki. 

Today they combine Armenian folk tunes, experimental rock, Caucasian chorals and contemporary world music. Hypnotic and extremely expressive vocals by one of the most original and exotic Armenian female singers, absolutely unique and fresh guitar riffs, virtuoso Armenian folk bits on the viola and smooth and ambient harp sound– it is the Deti Picasso with their brand new album.


Line up

Gaya Arutyunyan — vocals, percussion

Karen Arutyunyan — guitar

Anastasia Razvalyaeva — electro harp

Aron Porteleki — drums, percussion, viola



«Gerda & Kay» (2010)

Turbo Mayrik (2008)

“Glubina” (2006)

Ethnic Experiments (2004)

Mesyac ulibok (2002)

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