Markscheider Kunst. Acoustic concert
22 May 2015, Friday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

May 22, Friday, Markscheider Kunst band will play the acoustic concert at Erarta Stage.


Markscheider Kunst is a prime example of positive and happy music. Sunny globalism with Russian registration: every MK song is a solar energy battery. The musicians prove that singing in Russian, can also be an active part of European musical fraternity.

Markscheider Kunst is 9 people on stage and many hours of sun therapy session. Cuba, Jamaica, Caribbean, Hawaii, Africa: you do not need airplanes, just get a ticket to their concert. Ska, cumbia, reggae, afrobit, kvass-kvass, merengue, bossa nova and many other styles of healing effect.


Band members:

Sergey Efremenko — vocals, guitar, lyrics

Vladimir Matushkin (DJ Nguba) — guitar, back vocals, DJ

Kirill Oskin — bass

Danil Prokopjev — vocals, drums

Kirill Ipatov — congas, timbales

Anton Vishnyakov — trombone

Alexander Plyusnin — trumpet

Ivan Nekludov — saxophone

Denis Rachkiv — guitar

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