“Coaxil” and friends
9 November 2013, Saturday 11:35
  • Слайдер для “Coaxil” and friends

On the 9th of November St Petersburg band “Coaxil” in collaboration with other artists present a 2-part program of electronic music.

The first part features collaboration of “Coaxil” with theater project “Superposition”.

“Coaxil” is an audiovisual project which had its debut at the festival “Electro-Mechanica” in 2009. The basis for the band’s performances lays in a principal of spontaneous improvisation: pulsation of drum-machine, howl of synthesizers, improvised vocal parts and dynamic video projections amalgamate in unexpected and curious forms.

“Superposition” is a project which contains elements of theatrical performances and audiovisual installations and aims at erasing the borders between art and reality.

The second part will feature sound-art performance of Aleksey Borisov (Moscow) and media-art from Elena Glazova (Riga). Their improvisations will be inspired by aesthetics of industrial “noise” music.

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