“Horonko Orchestra” and “Dunaevskii Orchestra”. Concert
9 January 2015, Friday 03:00
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“Horonko Orchestra” is a unique jazz cabaret band, and “Dunaevskii Orchestra” virtuoso performs original mixture of rock and roll, jazz, ska, and pop music. On January 9, both bands will perform in Erarta.

The leader of “Horonko Orchestra”, Dmitry Horonko, presented his first music program in 1995 and this is when the project “Horonko Orchestra” was born. Before that Dmitry worked at Lensovet Theater, “Echo of Petersburg” and “Radio Modern” radio stations. He’s been engaged in music since 2004. The musicians characterize their style as “near miss modern cabaret”, when each concert turns into a fascinating show.

Dunaevskii Orchestra virtuoso perform a bright mixture of rock and roll, jazz, ska, and pop. Their frontman, Konstantin Dunaevsky, is one of the leading actors of The Saint Petersburg State Youth Theatre on the Fontanka, and their singer Gulnara Gilyazova is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Lyrical texts give the band special grace and beauty.

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