Constantine Khazanovich quartet. Brand new program “Jazz & Classics”
24 July 2015, Friday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist Constantine Khazanovich will present a new program “Jazz & Classics” in Erarta.


On what this program is based?

Since Constantine has a classical education the basis of the program are formed by features indicative both for classical and jazz music. From Bach through the melodic romanticism to the middle of the 20th century.

When the idea was born and why?

The idea has long nurtured in the artists head, and there were many projects that preceded it. And finally, the idea was formed and transformed into the concert.

What compositions will be performed?

The concert will feature Constantine’s original compositions that reveal the synthesis of classical music ideas and rhythmic components of jazz. There will also be well-known classical works with jazz arrangements, and vise versa, a well-known jazz compositions with the classical arrangements


*Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office.

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