Performance «The Overcoat. Ballet»
16 February 2016, Tuesday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Erarta Stage will host “The Overcoat. Ballet” performance (KontArt production center) staged by Maxim Didenko to the music by Ivan Kushnir on 16 February.


Erarta Stage will host "The Overcoat. Ballet" performance (KontArt production center) staged by Maxim Didenko to the music by Ivan Kushnir on 16 February.

 “The Overcoat. Ballet” is a performance based on the short story by Nikolai Gogol and the original music by Ivan Kushnir for five actors and seven musicians.

 “The Overcoat. Ballet” is music. And music is the core of the narration.

“The Overcoat. Ballet” is a dance, expressing the tragedy of a “small man”, heartlessness of the bureaucratic mechanism, discrimination, and gender equality.

“The Overcoat. Ballet” is a clownery. Two players, Pushkin and Gogol, are choking with the invisible tears of this world.

 “The Overcoat. Ballet” is pain. A mixture of words and sounds. Dancing, singing, biomechanics, and constructivist decorations.

Along with the classical arrangements the composer uses the most contemporary European sound technologies which makes the music suitable both for classical philharmonic halls, and disco clubs.

 “The Overcoat. Ballet” is the winner of the Breakthrough Theatre Award (2013-2014) in two nominations: the best director - Maxim Didenko, and the best actress of the lead role - Gala Samoilova; nominee for the Grand Prix of The Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, and the winner of the diploma for the original music at the Christmas Parade Festival 2013.



Director: Maxim Didenko

Composer: Ivan Kushnir

Libretto: Maxim Didenko

ChoreographersVladimir Varnava, Maxim Didenko, with the participation of Marina Zinkova

Artist: Pavel Semchenko

Light : Igor Fomin

Sound: Yuri Nedashkovsky

Artists: Gala Samoilova, Ilya Del, Sergei Azeev, Evgeny Anisimov, Nick Khamov

The musical ensemble: 2 violins, viola, cello, clarinet, bassoon, piano.

The performance is a held by the KontArt production center with the support of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, the Light people International Theater Center and Katerina Verner’s Design Studio.


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