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"The Grammar of Love". The dance performance by the Saint Petersburg Contemporary Dance Theatre
15 February 2014, Saturday 04:00

On February 15 Erarta will perform "The Grammar of Love" based on Ivan Bunin's stories.

"The hearts of lovers will tell you: "Live your life in these sweet legends!" And these hearts will show your grandchildren and great-grandchildren this Grammar of Love".

Ivan Bunin

The play takes place at the station which is known to be a place of meetings and partings, where the old life ends and a new one starts. All characters and their relationships are changing during the play. The viewer will have a chance to see true love and betrayal, pain and intrigue, because a dance shows much more than any words.

The Saint Petersburg Contemporary Dance Theatre was founded in 2009. The main idea of the theatre was to create a new and unique creative association. They use the principles of the classical school of dramatic art and plastic theatre. But the actors speak the language of modern and contemporary dance with the audience.

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