Isaac Nightingale (aka Vadim Kapustin, USA). Anticipation
8 July 2016, Friday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

On 8 July Isaac Nightingale will present new programme Anticipation at Erarta Stage.


Isaac Nightingale is the solo project by the famous Russian musician Vadim Kapustin, one of the founders of Triangle Sun, vocalist and front man (2004–2015), author of all the songs, including “Beautiful” (was released in the legendary Cafe Del Mar collection), “Diamond”, “When the rain comes falling down”, “Upside Down” and others.

In January 2016, Vadim left Triangle Sun and began recording his first single in a Hollywood studio in Los Angeles, USA. He wants his music be more soulful and melodic than it was in Triangle Sun, though keeping all the important principles he has been defending over the past 12 years. The new concert programme features both tracks of Isaac Nightingale project and the beloved hits of Triangle Sun in new arrangements. Russian audience will be the first to hear it: new songs, new band, and new show at Erarta Stage! 


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