“Maria Majazz” and Ildar Kazakhanov. Concert
24 April 2014, Thursday 04:00
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On April 24, "Maria Majazz" and the jazz guitarist Ildar Kazahanov will present at Erarta their "Seashore" programme. 

“Maria Majazz” band plays original atmospheric songs in English. Their style balances somewhere between jazz, funk, soul, and fusion. Each song is a shot story that immerses listeners in a certain atmosphere and mood.

The band’s been touring in Europe since 2013. Their first concerts were given in Greece, Germany and Holland. As a headliner of the Cologne festival “Freddie's Friends” they received a heartfelt welcome by the audience.

Being relatively new on St. Petersburg musical arena, Maria Semenova immediately managed to earn respect and recognition of the local audience and musicians thanks to her warm and sincere way of performing and unique timbre.

On April 24, “Maria Majazz” and Ildar Kazahanov will present their “Seashore” programme featuring such hits as “On the seashore”, “Pirat”, “Confused” and many others.

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