“Erarta MOTION PICTURES’14”. Competition Programme. Part 2
26 March 2014 — 30 March 2014
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The second "Erarta MOTION PICTURES" Festival keeps developing the chosen directions while extending the programme and raising the standards. This time the Organizing committee was choosing from 270 applications. The festival will feature works from Spain, USA, Portugal, Mexico, China, Poland, Germany, France, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

The programme of "Erarta MOTION PICTURES II" will also feature works by famous short filmmakers, the winners of prestigious international awards.

The jury will consist of two committees — the artists and the filmmakers. The Art Jury will be represented by famous St.-Petersburg artists: Anatoly Belkin, Vladimir Shinkarev and Ilya Gaponov. The Cinema Jury will include Pamela Pianezza, Simon Ellis and Konstantin Bronzit.

The Festival Competition Programme consists of 2 parts.

Competition Programme #2:

  • In Ictu Oculi. Greta Alfaro / Spain / 2009 / 10'35''. A table is set for a banquet in the country-side. The vultures are to come and to eat our food and destroy our setting: the still life, the banquet, the space of enjoyment and civilization.
  • Virtuoso Virtual. Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann / Germany / 2013 / 07'22''. Synchronising to the music, abstract ink drawings "grow" in an interplay of curiosity, timid encounters, dynamic pursuits and confrontation, stimulating many emotions, which carry us off on a poetical journey to a musical world of pictures.
  • Irish Folk Furniture. Tony Donoghue / 2012 / Ireland / 08'19''. An animated documentary about repair and recycling in rural Ireland.
  • Niko Pirosmani. Anna Artemieva / Russia / 2010 / 10'25''. The last day of the famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani. The film is about relationships between the artist and his creations.
  • Art Attack. Izabela Chamczyk / Poland / 2010 / 11'02''. Art Attack was an action on my exhibition Love Me! I closed the recipients of art in the gallery, and the only option was to purchase one of my painting from this exhibition.
  • Reality 2.0. Victor Orozco Ramirez / Germany-Mexico / 2012 / 11'00''. It was autumn when I arrived in Germany. I thought that in this exotic country I could distance myself a little bit from Mexico, but I was wrong. Drug traffickers managed to take me back in a ruthless way.
  • Division. Johan Rijpma / The Netherlands / 2012 / 01'15''. A piece of paper is divided by hand into an even number of pieces and then reassembled. A photograph of this finished composition is then printed and divided again. This makes the impossible possible, tearing the now included empty spaces that make up the tears in the paper. This feedback division process is repeated while the number of imprecise manual divisions gradually increase. Everything is created by division.
  • Mothers. Mario Iglesias / Spain / 2006 / 22'20''. A recently widowed painter, receives a strange request from a woman. She should make a portrait of a child without seeing his face.

Running time: 82'18''.

Screening Schedule:

March 26 (Wednsday). 20:30

March 27 (Thursday). 19:00

March 28 (Friday). 17:00

March 29 (Saturday). 17:00

March 30 (Sunday). 12:00

For films participants and screening schedule of Competition Programme #1 click here.

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