Mikhail Yelizarov. Summer Concert.
31 July 2014, Thursday 04:00
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On July 31 Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art will host a concert of Mikhail Elizarov, who is mostly known for his literary works, but also has a great voice and guitar skills. The author of such humdinger novels as "The Librarian" ("Russian Booker" prize 2008), "Pasternak" and "Cartoons" (nominated for the "National Bestseller" 2011), several dozen of short stories, essays and articles became a star of the Internet community primarily thank to his songs.

Mikhail Elizarov was born in Kharkov, then moved to Germany and then settled down in Moscow in 2007. There he worked in a bookstore, was engaged in journalistic and never stopped singing.

Recently music takes the most of his time. While being compared to Shish Bryansky and Psoy Korolenko, Elizarov is very original and convincing in his irony. Despite the philological education, he does not go too deep into the syncretic jungles and a paradigm of consciousness. What he does is a clever and loud singing about the funny and the ugly, the eternal and the touching.

This can be called civil lyrics and the overthrow of human values which are naturally false and hypocritical.

Elizarov is a provocateur. Furthermore, it is known for his serious interest in collecting and throwing knives that confirms his reputation of a very extraordinary man.

For Erarta concert Mikhail had several titles (even a swear one), but at the end chose a simpler and concise "Summer concert".

The atmosphere is going to be lazy, cozy and relaxed. Do not miss the big concert in Erarta! It's a great opportunity not only to listen to Elizarov's sharp songs, but also to ask him questions.

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