Blockhead (Ninja Tune Records, USA)
22 February 2016, Monday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

On 22 February Blockhead will perform at Erarta with new album “Bells and Whistles”.

“I strive to make music that will hopefully stand the test of time. Whether that happens remains to be seen but I feel as though simplicity is underrated sometimes. And simplicity never goes out of style”


This show is a real feast of the cosmic grade for all the fans of club music and lovers of night club life. Famed for his genre crossing party style blending up-tempo Electronic music with psychedelic Hip Hop beats that made him famous around the globe he is back with a new album. With up to 3 million views on you tube he is one of the most successful artists on Ninja Tune. He has toured all over the world on his own as well as with Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Diplo and many more.

Blockhead presents us a skillful follow-up to his last “Interludes After Midnight (Ninja Tune)” album with this new masterpiece “Bells and Whistles”. Aside from his solo efforts released on the Ninja Tune label, Blockhead is most associated with producing the critically acclaimed hip hop artist Aesop Rock (Ryhmesayers), recognized for his dense and abstract word play. In 2013 he and independent Rapper Illogic released "Capture The Sun" which received rave reviews and was hailed as one best Hip Hop albums in 2013.



Blockhead is also known for making beats for the likes of like Atmosphere, Murs, Mac Lethal, Cage, Mike Ladd and many more. As an active piece to the sound design elements of legendary MC Aesop Rock and a body of solo records with Ninja Tune that is already decade defining in its genre, Blockhead has always been one of our favorite hip hop-electronic producers since his inception as a professional musician. His music career has always been about unique pathways into the ethos of hip hop production music but he taps into a grid of sound that is all engulfing and expansive in past and present eras, bridging many modes of sound from all over the world with lush bass lines and classic break-beats always on deck. It’s a beautiful world of music that he’s produced since his 2003 debut LP Music By Cavelight and he returned in 2015 with the announcement of his 6th LP Bells and Whistles. Bells and Whistles released through digital formats and a vinyl version.

2012’s “Interludes After Midnight (Ninja Tune)” is the last solo record Blockhead dropped and it’s an incredible feeling to hear his new offering Bells and Whistles. Blockhead has released the first two songs from the record for streaming purposes via Soundcloud (“Kaput!” & “On The Back Of A Golden Dolphin”), it remains true to his usual alternative standards, with introspective samples, unusual beats and an adequate dose of the eerie compositional elements that we usually find in his work. The album is like a mixture of various genres, ranging from soul to electronica to jazz to psych rock, thrown into a pot and stirred. But what comes out is still definitively hip hop and vintage Blockhead.

On 22 February Blockhead will present a blinding new live show.


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