Hang Massive (UK/Sweden). Live at Erarta Stage
5 November 2016, Saturday 19:00
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On 5 November Hang Massive will present their new album “Distant Light” at Erarta Stage.


Hang Massive have established themselves as the world's leading hang duo. Their unique style of music and more recent fusion with electronic production has further set Hang Massive into a world and genre of their own. With 18+ million views on YouTube, and release of the new amazing live album and loads of exсiting new projects on the go.

Right now band is on a Global tour and performing at many interesting and varied venues and events.

Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2010 and since then have performed all over the world. They have gained recognition globally, captivating their audiences with their unique and entertaining performances. 



About Hang Music: 

“I Am in love with hang music!!! Its one of my favourite instruments!” — Jonathan Dassin (son of legendary Joe Dassin)

“Hang drum represents deep knowledge of heart — there is nothing but spirit, we are spirit!” — Сhristian Amin Varkonyi (Austrian musician and producer)

“It really is an amazing instrument, it gets me to the state of meditation!” — Julia Kovalchuk (Russian singer)


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