“VIA Tatyana” (Moscow). Concert
27 June 2015, Saturday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On June 27, Saturday, Erarta Stage will host a concert by the Moscow band “VIA Tatyana”.


When they are on stage, it is impossible to find a spare seat. Their concerts are always featured with storms of applause and encore performances. They are “VIA Tatyana” - seven beautiful ladies in dresses from the 50s. “The Magnificent Seven”, talented graduates of the capital of music and theater schools, perform songs from the past.

The band’s repertoire covers the period from the 30s to the 60s. The girls are very different, and each has her own unique own role. Coquetry, shyness, hooliganism and wild enthusiasm replace each other, making each concert a permanent action and unforgettable show.

The Band:

  • Miriam Sekhon — vocals
  • Valerya Kogan — piano and arrangements
  • Sonia Galimova — cello
  • Irina Zarubina — bass
  • Irina Nakhumova — guitar
  • Marfa Gorynya — drums
  • Alina Maslennikova — violin
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