Media concert as part of the exhibition “Ugra period” (“Cherdyn” and “MusInTrESG” projects).
4 December 2014, Thursday 03:00
  • Слайдер для Media concert as part of the exhibition “Ugra period” (“Cherdyn” and “MusInTrESG” projects).

On December 4, Erarta presents a special project of “Sterkh” Contemporary Art Gallery, prepared with the support of the Department of Culture of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District for the final round of the traveling exhibition “Ugra Belt”.

Media concert under the exhibition “Ugra Period” includes two half-hour musical and dramatic video plays: “Cherdyn” (a premiere of the collective project by composers from the Yugorski belt based on the historical chronicle about Perm and Ivan the Terrible) and “MusInTrESG” by S. Zyatkov (a premiere of a composition based on a real story of 1932 about an inventor and bureaucrats).

“Cherdyn” project unites professional composers engaged in Finno-Ugric culture studies. The goal of the project was to immerse in the unusual theme for contemporary music, to feel the archaic character of the Finno-Ugric intonation and to parallel it with the cultural realities of the XV century. Different storylines were distributed among the authors, according to their creative interests. The project may have choreographic realization in the future and it aims to expand cultural between the regions.

“MusInTrESG” by Sergei Zyatkov is a bright musical experiment of combining agitation music of the 1920’s and the noise music of the end of the century. The verbal part of the score contains unique records by the music experimentalist Tryamin.


Contemporary Music Ensemble “eNsemble”, conductor Fyodor Lednev (St. Petersburg); media artist and filmmaker Anna Bychkova (Moscow); Composers Oleg Paiberdin, Andrei Popov (Moscow), Nikita Shirokov (Perm), Victoria Sergeenko (Helsinki), Anna Afanasyeva (Petrozavodsk), Sergei Zyatkov (Surgut) , Elmir Nizamov (Kazan). The curator of the media concert is Sergei Zyatkov “Sterkh” Gallery of Contemporary Art, Surgut).

Free for Erarta Society card holders.

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