ABC Show. Advertising Best Collection 2016
4 January 2017, Wednesday 20:00
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Erarta Museum will show the most awarded commercials of this year.


Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to host the ABC Show (Advertising Best Collection) - the collection of the most awarded commercials and prints from the leading international advertising awards.

Advertising Best Collection was established on the 6th of November in 2002. Since that time the annual show of the collection has taken place in more than 50 cities such as: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Vladivostok etc

The collection is renewed every year.

The fundamental idea of ABC Show is "Best of the Best". The best from the world of advertising. Millions of various advertising reels are created every year all over the world. From this enormous variety the most competent judges of international festivals, maitres of advertising industry, select the most riveting, the most impressive ones. These reels are included in the Advertising Best Collection. It is more than just ads.

We demonstrate the world the very masterpieces of global advertising, which arouse universal excitement and amusement. We, therefore, form tolerant public attitude to the advertisement, getting more and more people to like us and get a proof that advertising is an Art. Popularity and success of the project are proved by reviews of the audience, mass-media and advertising community.

The selection of commercials is based on the most authoritative global rating of creativity Gunn Report. The collection also includes iconic videos included in the history of the world advertising.

The videos will be shown in Full HD quality with translation into Russian and voiced by male and female voices.

The show consists of over 100 commercials of total duration of 90 minutes.

Such screenings have been already held in more than 50 cities of Russia.


* Online sales end several hours before an event is scheduled to begin. For more information, please ask the Box Office at the museum.

** Get 100 rubles discount for an Admission ticket or Erarta Annual pass within 7 days including the day you are attending our event (on presentation of the event ticket).

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