Shklovsky band. Concert
23 June 2016, Thursday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Shklovsky band will play a concert at Erarta Stage on June 23 at 20:00.


Shklovsky is the first ever band, consisting of four bearded men, two lieutenants, two directors, three Gnessin Virtuosi, one Wushu fighter, one mathematician and six friends.

Shklovsky band is a musical and cinematic sect. Having discovered that the Earth has the shape of Bayan, the band is now carrying this good news to everyone indifferent to alcohol. Poetry and haze, irony and punk, drama and betrayal in every song. Shklovsky is the whole generation voice, passed through a garbage bin.

The authors of the cult shorts “Legs-atavism”, “Axes in Batons” and “Minor Details of a Random Episode” blasted Russian Internet with their very first music video “OGPU”, and their debut album of 2014 proved that the best music for travelling into the heroic gullies has been created.



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